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Right Numbers But Wrong Lottery for a Filipino Player
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It’s a magic moment when you believe a big lottery win has come your way and then realize a massive mistake has been made. That’s what has happened to Marivic Reynon from the Philippines after she missed out on a $16.6m Ultra Lotto 6/58 jackpot in the draw held on October 5 because she played the wrong game.The woman’s niece May Crisolo revealed what had happened on Facebook and the posting of the story went viral. “It’s like money that became stone,” she wrote. Her aunt had called her, telling May the terrible news of her mistake and just couldn’t stop crying. Then she sent her a photo of her ticket.On October 4, Reynon had purchased a ticket for the Ultra Lotto 6/58 draw from the SM Megmall in Mandaluyong City, or at least that is what she thought she’d done. The winning Ultra Lotto 6/58 numbers announced on October 5 were: 01-30-27-36-49-12 and those just happened to be the ones that Marivic had chosen. However, her celebrations were cut short when she realized that the ticket she’d purchased wasn’t for the Ultra Lotto 6/58 draw but the Super Lotto 6/49 lottery.The confusion probably came about because in the Philippines, there are several lotteries that have names that aren’t too different.There’s the Ultra Lotto 6/58, Grand Lotto 6/55, Super Lotto 6/49, Mega Lotto 6/45, and Lotto 6/42 to name but a few.It’s not just players who make mistakes. A UK National Lottery employee told English couple Mick Tyler and Sarah Harmer they hadn’t won a£1m UK Lotto prize.  Fred and Leslie Higgins were initially told their £57.9m winning EuroMillions ticket was worthless.Unfortunately for this player she missed out on the $1.6m Super Lotto 6/49 jackpot as her ticket could only match three of the numbers drawn, winning her $0.37.  Mistakes can sometimes be profitable, ask the Australian man who accidentally won two Gold Lotto jackpots. The same happened to another male Australian who ended up winning a$976,000 Saturday Lotto top prize after buying more lines than he’d intended. In the USA, a Maryland player nearly threw away a $50,000 winning Holiday Riches scratchcard.Since Crisolo made her Facebook post, it’s had over 16,000 shares and 6.500 likes. One reply from Nao Mi Saligumba said: “This is too much. Hurts my heart. She was so close.” Another from Eunice Cabusas Capuli stated: “This hurts way more than a break-up.”