Scottish Players Celebrate Postcode Lottery Wins

Scottish Players Celebrate Postcode Lottery Wins

Scottish Players Celebrate Postcode Lottery Wins

A usually talkative NHS nurse from Cleland in Scotland  is among nine residents who have had Postcode Lottery wins this month. One lucky player doubled their win as he had two tickets.

Over the moon

The lucky double winner is Robert who has won a £60,000 Postcode Lottery prize. He’s delighted with his windfall. The lucky player said: "It's awesome! I'm over the moon, you just can't imagine winning anything like £60,000."

This Postcode Lottery win comes after some difficult times for Robert and his wife, Claire. The past five years has seen his wife struggle with her health and needed a gastric pacemaker fitted. No wonder therefore that her husband says: “It's not been easy, and this money means a lot to us."

Robert is a bus mechanic and works 12-hour shifts every day. Now he’s planning to take a week off. A cruise is going to be booked and they also plan to do Route 66 in America. Other spending plans include updating their car, while Claire wants new windows and doors for their home.

Celtic first

NHS nurse Alice admits that “I talk for Scotland” but was speechless when receiving her £30,000 Postcode Lottery cheque. Her biggest passion in life is supporting current Scottish football champions Celtic. With this win, she now plans on buying a season ticket. A holiday with her daughter Molly is also planned and some of her winnings will be put towards a new house. 

Holiday destinations of interest include Mallorca “for some sun” but also another that is more personal. A trip to Northern Ireland would allow her to show her daughter where her father was born. However, she joked: “But Celtic first.”

Also winning a £30,000 Postcode Lottery prize is Natalie. It’s come at just the right time as she’s just launched her own beauty business. Also thought she’ll be able to take her two children on a sunny family holiday.

It was a £7.9 million Postcode Lottery in Wishaw that got Natalie taking part. That proved to be a great decision.

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