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SuperEnalotto on a roll
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We would love to tell you that referring to the ‘SuperEnalotto on a roll’ is the result of lottery jackpot win after win, but we’re afraid we’re talking rollovers. But don’t despair, because in the lottery world a rollover is not a bad thing. On the contrary, a rollover just means big Euro signs flashing in the eyes of players, as the lottery jackpot continues to grow with every roll.The SuperEnalotto has recently exceeded its thirteenth rollover, so for any superstitious player out there it’s time to start playing again. You can purchase your lottery tickets through an online lotto site, and benefit from three draws a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.Despite not producing a lottery jackpot winner for a few weeks, Saturday 20th April’s draw did see a ticket-holder win the second-tier prize by matching five numbers and the Jolly Number. This is the first second-tier prize to be won since January of this year. The lucky player purchased their ticket in a bar in Codevigo, Padova, in Italy and won €436,815. Apparently this is the highest SuperEnalotto prize ever won in the area.The end of the month saw the SuperEnalotto’s Thursday 25th April draw take place on Saturday 27th due to the public holiday of Liberation Day. This in turn meant that the regular Saturday draw took place on Monday 29th April instead.One thing is for sure, whether the SuperEnaltto continues to roll we know that May will bring even more tempting lottery jackpots to be won. The only question is: will it continue to tease us by dangling them just out of our reach, or will it shower us with big rewards? We know what we’re hoping for, how about you? Don’t forget to purchase your SuperEnalotto tickets online at