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Time Runs Out for Unclaimed £1m UK Lotto Win
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Time Runs Out for Unclaimed £1m UK Lotto Win

It’s a fantastic moment when you discover that you’ve had a big lottery win. However, sometimes players fail to claim their winnings in time. That’s just happened to a Lotto winner in Motherwell, Scotland who left £1m unclaimed.

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The ticket-holder was lucky enough to win the million pounds in the May 30, UK Lotto draw. Players have 180 days to make a claim but sadly they didn’t claim in time and the unclaimed windfall has been lost.

Not the First Time

South Lanarkshire in Scotland seems to be an unlucky place for unclaimed lottery winnings. This is the seventh time in the past twelve years that seven-figure lottery wins have been left behind.Andy Carter, senior winners’ advisor at the National Lottery, made a statement he’d rather not make. He confirmed that the £1m UK Lotto winnings had not been claimed in time and has “now sadly missed out on this substantial amount of money.”The £1m plus any interest it received since the draw will now go to lottery-funded community projects. Carter had some useful advice that may prevent this kind of situation being repeated. “I would urge all National Lottery players to check their tickets on a regular basis.”

$1.6bn Mega Millions Jackpot Still Unclaimed

Hopefully the same situation won’t happen to the winner of the $1.6bn Mega Millions draw on October 23. That world record winning jackpot by a player in South Carolina, USA, remains unclaimed.  There are many theories over why the winner has yet to come forward to claim their magnificent prize.The same situation is ongoing with a £76m EuroMillions jackpot won in the November 2 draw. We know that the lucky winning ticket was sold in the UK parliamentary constituency of Boston and Skegness but it remains unclaimed. The huge amount will be lost if not claimed by May 1, 2019.

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