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Unclaimed lottery prizes worth millions still available
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Unclaimed lottery prizes worth millions still available

Winning the lottery is something we all dream of achieving. It happens on a regular basis but at present there are millions of pounds in unclaimed lottery prizes waiting to be claimed.There are many reasons why lottery wins remain unclaimed. Sometimes the winners need time to get used to their big win before coming forward. Time can be spent seeking and receiving financial advice. Others simply don’t check their lottery tickets on a regular basis or lose them in a pocket. Perhaps the tickets are stored away in a van as was the case with recent EuroMillions winner Andrew Clark.

Seven £1m Wins Yet to be Claimed

At present, there are five EuroMillions and two UK Lotto winning tickets that are worth £1m but are still unclaimed. We don’t know who the winners are, but they were sold in Cheshire, Birmingham, Tyneside, Derby and the Cotswolds.London is an area where there is currently £2.5m worth of unclaimed lottery wins. In North Yorkshire, the clock is ticking down for one big winner. A ticket worth £96,827 was sold over five months ago and there’s less than three weeks left before it expires.There’s 180 days in which to claim your winnings. If that doesn’t happen, then the money plus any interest earned goes to National Lottery projects. You can see the full list of unclaimed National Lottery prizes on their website

$1.6bn Mega Millions Winner Yet to Come Forward

Over in the USA, the winner of October’s $1.6bn Mega Millions jackpot has yet to come forward. That’s causing a few worries for South Carolina legislators who are looking forward to the $70m income tax revenue due to them. The lucky winner has until late April to claim their record-breaking jackpot win.

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