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Weekend Lotto Results Lead to Fantastic Midweek Jackpots
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Weekend Lotto Results Lead to Fantastic Midweek Jackpots

The weekend Lotto results saw the top jackpots grow even larger. That means there are some massive prizes to be won in the midweek draws.

Mega Millions Jackpot Climbs to $367m

Friday’s Mega Millions jackpot was $339m but will be $367m tomorrow after another rollover. The elusive numbers were 05-17-28-32-63 and the Mega Ball 11. Tickets sold in Massachusetts, Montana and Texas each won $1m.The following day the Powerball jackpot was up to $270m but tickets failed to match 02-10-25-66-67 and the Powerball 26. A ticket from Florida won the $1m second-tier prize, while Wednesday’s top prize is $288m.

€155.5m SuperEnalotto Jackpot Tonight

There were no jackpot winners in either Thursday or Saturday’s SuperEnalotto draws. On Saturday the top prize had reached €154.2m but no tickets could get 31-33-44-57-62-65 and the Jolly 25. There’s a massive €155.5m jackpot tomorrow.

EuroMillions Jackpot Up to £38m

Friday’s EuroMillions draw has a £31m jackpot but tomorrow it’s £38m. The numbers no ticket could match were 16-28-42-43-45 and the two Lucky Stars 06 and 07. Two UK tickets won the second-tier prize of £132,775 with three more winning €203,560.Don’t forget to buy your tickets for the 7 June EuroMillions Superdraw.There was a Must Be Won UK Lotto draw on Saturday with an £11.7m top prize. Tickets needed to match 07-22-23-26-31-54 and the Bonus Ball 03.No tickets could match the six main balls, so the lower tier prizes were increased. On Wednesday, the jackpot returns to £2m.

€21.5m La Primitiva Jackpot on Thursday

There was a rollover in Saturday’s La Primitiva draw. The jackpot on Thursday will be €3.5m. One lottery millionaire was created with a second-tier win of €1,461,127. Sunday’s El Gordo draw ended in a rollover but one ticket did win the second-tier prize of €168,073. Sunday’s jackpot will be €7.5m.Friday’s Bonoloto draw saw one ticket land the €961,766 top prize. Tonight’s draw has a €500,000 top prize.There were two winners of the runner-up prize in Saturday’s Lotto 6 aus 49 draw, both receiving €220,445. Wednesday’s top prize will be €4m. Six lucky tickets won the €100,000 Super 6 jackpot.

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