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Win EuroMillions this Christmas
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Tuesday the 29th November saw the last EuroMillions jackpot for November drawn. The jackpot sat pretty at £12.8 million which would be the perfect start to that Christmas shopping you have been saving for! The EuroMillions results for 29th November 2011 are 11, 25, 41, 45, 50 and the two lucky star numbers are 2 and 7.Well, it is looking likely that this week’s EuroMillions jackpot is going to be a rollover, in which case Friday will see an estimated lottery jackpot of £22 million. What a great way to start the weekend! But let's not forget that this December there are even more reasons to play the lotto with the Millionaires Raffle.Tuesday 29th November saw the winning Millionaire Raffle number WVW309553 drawn. So, if you think it could be you then speak up! The Millionaires Raffle is for one month only and will end on the 23rd December. On that night, just before Christmas, Santa will be coming early for 25 lucky lottery winners. 25 EuroMillions players will be made millionaires overnight!Now that is certainly worth buying a lotto ticket for. If you are yet to get playing the EuroMillions or the National Lottery then now is the time. The National Lottery is offering so many different ways in which to play and, frankly, it has never been simpler.You can purchase your lottery ticket at your local newsagents or even via online lotto sites. You can open an account and register for an even easier chance of winning the lottery jackpot. Tonight's National Lottery jackpot sits at an estimated £2.2 million and Friday's EuroMillions is at a whopping £22 million, plus the chance to become a Millionaire's Raffle winner. So what are you waiting for? Playing the EuroMillions lottery could change your life.Take Chris and Colin Weir for example. Back in July they scooped an amazing £161 million and are already changing not only their lives but the lives of others thanks to their charitable donations. Purchasing a EuroMillions lotto ticket could make your dreams come true, but remember, you have to be in it to win it. Why not improve your chances of becoming a Christmas millionaire by buying a EuroMillions lottery ticket online at today.Oh, and please make sure you check the lottery results! It's the only way of knowing if you have become a lucky lottery winner!