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Young Couple can Enjoy Dream Wedding after £240,000 EuroMillions Win
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A young couple from Colchester will be able to have the wedding of their dreams and a secure financial future in wedded life after scooping more than £240,000 in the EuroMillions draw held on Tuesday October 21.Billy Baldrey, who works as a machine operator was chatting to work colleagues about the massive £120m EuroMillions jackpot and just a few minutes before the deadline, he purchased a Lucky Dip ticket online. His partner, Sarah had no idea he’d entered the draw as she was having a night out with their two boys, aged two and seven months.The following day he was sent an email telling him he’d had a win in the EuroMillions draw but he wasn’t able to access his account. It wasn’t until Thursday, when he met Sarah at her mother’s house, that he was finally able to successfully log on to his account and discovered the amazing news that he’d matched the five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars and won £241,508.90. The winning numbers were: 20-21-27-33-40 and the Lucky Stars 3 and 10.Billy let out “the biggest yell” and couldn’t stop leaping about the room and whooping with joy. All that noise made his two children start crying while his partner refused to believe him and took the two boys upstairs for their bedtime bath. It wasn’t until the winners’ advisor visited them that the news sunk in for Sarah.The couple, who are both 23, have been engaged for three years but just couldn’t afford to get married. Now they can have the wedding Sarah has always dreamed of and a secure financial future as Billy explains:“Of course the wedding will be amazing but the thought that we will then be coming home to our own house, in our own car, knowing that there is money in the bank for the boys future is the stuff of magic. It means I will no longer have to work silly hours and we can really enjoy being a family rather than just getting by. I never dreamt for one moment that our life could be like that.”Lady Luck could be around anytime smiling at you, so get ready for her and purchase your lottery tickets online at