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A woman from Saskatchewan in the west of Canada has begun her October with a million reasons to smile after she won $1 million on the Lotto Max.

Just like Sandra Lee Frank who won $1 million on the Lotto 649 earlier this year and labelled her win “surreal”, Digna Rico is from North Battleford, Saskatchewan, and won her top prize in the September 28th Lotto Max drawing, and told lottery officials that she checked her ticket in a store the day after the draw and couldn’t believe the amount of zeroes that popped up on the screen. “I started jumping up and down and said, ‘Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you Lord!’” she recalled when asked by lottery officials. A man from Ontario who scooped $1 million on the Lotto 649 also had a big smile on his face when he found out about his big win.

Her reaction, however, was not actually to a $1 million prize, as Ms Rico originally thought she had won $10,000, and it wasn’t until she cashier corrected her that she realised she’d actually taken home $1 million on the Lotto Max. “I had to ask the cashier if I won $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 or more,” she explained. “When they told me it was $1 million, I just clapped my hands – I was so excited!” Another recent Saskatchewan Lotto 649 winner was planning to take a trip to Las Vegas when she found out she’d won $1 million.

The lucky Lotto Max winner said that she plans to share the excitement of the win with her family, as well as some of the benefits, but that she plans to put some of it away for her future. “I’m going to make sure I use the money wisely,” she said. A Californian who won $750,000 on a scratch card also said that he planned to use the money wisely.

The first priority for the Lotto Max winner is to put some money aside ready for retirement and for her children’s educations. A Mega Millions winner from Virginia also planned to put the majority of his $1 million win towards the educations of his children. The winning ticket was purchased from Fas Gas Plus, a gas station on Railway Avenue East in Ms Rico’s hometown of North Battleford.

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