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It’s an historic week in the history of the Mega Millions draw. The lottery lived up to its name when on Tuesday (October 16), huge ticket sales led to a record $667m jackpot. Another rollover means on Friday (October 19), the top prize will be a staggering $868m (cash option $494m) and we could be one rollover away from the first ever billion-dollar Mega Millions jackpot.

The last time this lottery produced a winner of the top prize is when a syndicate of bank workers from California won a $543m Mega Millions jackpot in the draw held on July 24. Every draw since has ended in a rollover and as the weeks have gone by the jackpot has kept on rising breaking culminating in Friday’s record Mega Millions draw.

Before Mega Millions there was the Big Game lottery which began in 1996. Six years later this expanded and became the Mega Millions draw. It began to expand and after an agreement with the rival Powerball lottery more and more states began playing Mega Millions.  That includes Wyoming who started playing Mega Millions in 2014. As 2016, there are 46 US States that play Mega Millions every week.

Players from across the USA have won massive Mega Millions jackpots. In 2015 Raul Ahumada from Missouri won a $25m Mega Millions jackpot though he initially thought his win was just $25,000. A year later a family from Indiana claimed a $536m Mega Millions top prize.

As the years have passed there have been several changes to how the Mega Millions draw has operated. This has been done with the aim of producing higher jackpots and matching the high wins seen in the Powerball lottery including a $1.5bn top prize in January 2016.

Last year saw major Mega Millions lottery format changes aimed at producing larger wins and it’s worked.  The number of main balls fell from 75 to 70 and there were ten more Mega Ball numbers added. This increased the odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot from 258.9m to 1 to 302.6m to 1.

Friday will be a record-breaking night for the Mega Millions draw with its massive $858m jackpot. Looking at recent results, there’s been a single-figure main number for the past two drawings but no numbers in the 30s or 50s. 61 has been a main number in the last two draws, will it appear again and win someone the largest ever Mega Millions jackpot?

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