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Alberta Lotto Max winner is still a mystery
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Alberta Lotto Max winner is still a mystery

A Lotto Max winner of a $60 million jackpot has still not come forward a month after the draw took place.

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The lucky winner, from Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, scored a huge $60 million Lotto Max top prize on October 26, but the Lotto Max winner has not revealed themselves. However, lottery officials are confident that they will hear from the lucky winner before too long.“We haven’t heard anything and we are still waiting and hoping and knocking on wood that we hear from somebody really soon,” responded lottery officials when asked about the Alberta Lotto Max winner. The October 26 drawing also saw 56 lottery players across Canada win $1 million thanks to the Lotto Max MaxMillions.

It's not unusual

Despite the long wait for the Alberta Lotto Max winner to come forward, lottery officials insist that it isn’t unusual for them to take their time, as they might want to get their lives in order, receive legal and financial advice and decide what to prioritise. “Sometimes with the really big wins people take their time,” Lotto Max officials said. “It’s also possible that someone is not aware of it.”On the other hand, some lottery winners claim their prizes straight away because of the fear of losing their ticket. The winning ticket will expire 12 months after the date of the draw, so the lucky winner has a few more months to make their move.

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