Another Week of Lottery Surprises

Another Week of Lottery Surprises

Another Week of Lottery Surprises

The lottery world is full of surprises. This week we have stories about shocking phone calls, a player having two wins and a lucky nickel.

Have I won something?

Monday morning is never an easy time. However, for a man from Whyalla in South Australia, Monday March 20 will never be forgotten. That’s when he received a phone call telling him he’d won $1.836 million in the Saturday X Lotto draw held two days beforehand.

He had no idea of his lottery success but his ticket had been registered. That meant the lottery company knew who had won. The surprised player asked “Have I won something?” never imagining he was a millionaire.

Totally shocked at what he was hearing, the delighted player said he’d been playing the X Lotto draw for a long time. He added that he was too mind-boggled to say how he’d spend his winnings. However, he said “I know it will go to good use.”  His plans for the rest of Monday was to “put my feet up today and relax!”

Double success

One win is great news but for a 40-year-old man from Michigan, USA, he had two. He was playing the Royal VIP game while outside with his dog. To his delight he won a $700 prize but more good news was on the way. Soon after he won the top prize of $300,000. Speaking to the Michigan Lottery he said his initial thoughts were that he’d won $300 but then looked again. He plans on saving his winnings.

Lucky nickel

Also celebrating is a retired man from Maryland, USA. He uses a “lucky nickel” to scratch off his tickets. That certainly worked for the 62-year-old who has won $50,0000 on a Gold x50 scratchcard. Having previously served in the navy and police force, he enjoys playing lottery games in his retirement.

His lucky nickel has lived up to its name. How will he spend his winnings? He’s not sure but his wife’s birthday is soon so a big treat for her has to be bought or he’ll be in big trouble.

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