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Broken Hip Leads to $1m Mega Millions Win
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The South Carolina winner of Tuesday’s record-breaking $1.6bn Mega Millions jackpot is yet to come forward but some of the owners of the 36 runners-up winners have claimed their winnings. They include an 87-year-old who really had a lucky break and a woman who didn’t even know she’d entered the draw.Earl Livingston from Blackwood in New Jersey, USA, was on his way to buy a Mega Millions ticket when he fell and broke his hip. The 87-year-old was taken to Jefferson Stratford Hospital, but he didn’t just get medical treatment. Mr Livingston was invited by his physician and nurse to join their lottery syndicate and It resulted in them winning a $1m Mega Millions prize. A man from Maryland, USA, went to the dentists then gave himself a treat which turned out to be a $50,000 winning Powerball ticket.Chief nurse, Marianne Kraemer said that they invited him to join “as a way of making him feel less sick.”  The 142-strong syndicate have become known as the ‘Stratford Millionaires Club’ and each member will receive around $7,000, if split evenly before taxes.  In the UK, hospital cleaner Andrew Perkins won £1m playing EuroMillions.Also celebrating a $1m Mega Millions win are nearly two dozen co-workers in North Carolina, also matched the five main balls in Tuesday’s draw to win $1m. It was a last-minute decision to form an office syndicate as they dreamed ofwinning the$1.6bn Mega Millions top prize.“We didn’t even realize how much the tickets were,” Katherine Lindsey McIntyre told reporters.  “We just had everyone who wanted to participate chip in $1.” They purchased 11 Quick Pick tickets for the Mega Millions draw and each member will receive $32,000 after taxes. Earlier this month, André Jones from Upper Marlboro in Maryland, USA, won $50,000 with his first ever Powerball ticket. In Canada, a syndicate landed a $1m Lotto Max windfall in the first draw they entered.One of the Mega Millions winners is Barbara Medlin. She intends using her share to help adopt a child.  Marilyn Vaughn didn’t even know she was part of the Mega Millions winning syndicate. It’s a real-life version of the 2015 El Gordo de Navidad advertisement. “I heard everybody screaming and hollering,” Marilyn said. “Another co-worker asked me if I was in the pool, and I said, ‘What pool?’ Apparently, someone had paid a $1 for me. I couldn’t believe it, I was in shock!”Lady Luck could be smiling at you anytime... purchase your tickets online at