First Ticket Wins Player $15m Oz Lotto Prize

First Ticket Wins Player $15m Oz Lotto Prize

First Ticket Wins Player $15m Oz Lotto Prize

Two tickets shared the $30 million jackpot in the May 16 Oz Lotto draw. One of the lucky winners says his win came with his first ever ticket. The other says there’ll be no more cheap holidays now.

The first-time player comes from Gladstone in Queensland, Australia. He’s won $15 million but only checked his ticket when a colleague told him there’d been a local winner.

It was a massive shock of course when told of his win, nearly making him ill.  “Oh, I think I might throw up. I need to sit down!” said the surprised Oz Lotto winner.

Beginner’s luck

He then revealed that this was the first time he had played the Oz Lotto draw. “I think a bit of beginner’s luck might be at play here,” he joked.

Now comes the sometimes tough task of working out how to cope with his windfall. “What do I do now? I’ve got no idea what I’ll do yet” he said.

The second Oz Lotto jackpot winner comes from Lake Macquarie in New South Wales. Like the other winner he has asked to remain anonymous.

However, we do know the winner is a man in his 30s.  His ticket had been registered so organisers The Lott knew who had won. Talking to him was a bit more difficult though. They tried several times to phone him but fearing it might be a scam, he ignored the calls.

Holy cow!

When he finally answered the phone and was told the news, he replied: “Holy cow! This is very hard to believe.”

Unlike the other winner, he’s been playing the Oz Lotto “for years.” However, he admitted “I never expected this day to come.”

Now he plans to use his Oz Lotto winnings to go on plenty of holidays saying: he’s “one hundred per cent due” one. “Now I can travel anywhere I want!” and they won’t be “cheap holidays.” Buying a new house is also a priority.

I'm one hundred per cent due for a holiday. I’m not too sure where I’ll go as I usually go on cheap holidays!

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