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Mega Millions Winner of $1.6bn Jackpot Still a Mystery
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Mega Millions Winner of $1.6bn Jackpot Still a Mystery

After a series of rollovers it was revealed there was a Mega Millions winner of the massive $1.6bn jackpot. The winning ticket was sold in Simpsonsville, South Carolina but as we move into December, the giant prize remains unclaimed.It’s not uncommon for players to take a while to claim their lottery jackpot wins. They could be seeking financial help before coming forward to receive their massive win. Then again, the Mega Millions winner could just not know they’ve won.

Ignorance is bliss

That’s the opinion of Julie Huffman, who works as a beneficiary coordinator with the South Carolina Lottery Commission. The unclaimed jackpot winning ticket was purchased from KC Mart #7 at 303 Lee Vaughn Road in Simpsonville.Huffman has appealed for everyone who bought a ticket for the historic October 23 Mega Millions draw to check their numbers. If that results in the discovered then you are the winner of the unclaimed jackpot. The next recommended task is to sign the back of your ticket.

Keeping quiet

Another theory being put forward is that the winner is fully aware of their sensational windfall says New York attorney, Jason Kurland, who specializes in lottery winnings. He also recognizes that there have been many times when the winner simply didn’t know about their great slice of luck either.While the Mega Millions jackpot remains unclaimed, the winner is losing out on tens of thousands of dollars in interest, said Kurland.  That happened earlier this year to a $559.7m Powerball jackpot winner as she fought to remain anonymous.That won’t be a problem in South Carolina as winners can remain anonymous in that state. Kurland added that doing so relieves a lot of stress, particularly by avoiding the winner’s press conference. Whoever has won the Mega Millions jackpot has 180 days to claim their winnings which would take us up to the end of April 2019.If the $1.6bn Mega Millions jackpot remains unclaimed, the winnings will be divided between the states playing the lottery.

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