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New Jersey family are following through with promise after Powerball win
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A family from New Jersey who promised to donate at least 10% of the Powerball winnings to helping others are fulfilling their promise two years later.When Pearlie Mae Smith and her seven children, all adults, won $429.6 million on the Powerball jackpot in 2016, they promised that at least 10 percent of their winnings would be donated to their church and to helping others. Their Powerball win is still the largest ever jackpot to have been won in New Jersey, and almost immediately after collecting their winnings the Smith family set up their own charitable foundation. We recently told you about Barbara Wragg from Sheffield in England who gave most of her £7.6 million UK Lotto winnings away to charity.The Smith Family Foundation gives out grants to charities which support their ambition to give back to their local community in Trenton. The family said that they view their Powerball fortune as a way to uphold their faith and continue to help others in a bigger way. A couple from Louisiana recently claimed a Powerball jackpot prize as an anonymous trust which will allow them to make the most of their good fortune.“This is all about God’s work,” said one of the seven siblings, Katherine Nunnally, 42, who is executive director of the Smith Family Foundation. “The money allowed the story to unfold the way God intended it.” Recently a couple from New Jersey branded their $1 million Powerball win “crazy” as they celebrated their good luck.Back in 2016, the matriarch of the family, Pearlie Mae, bought two tickets for the Powerball drawing despite saying that she rarely gambled or played the lottery. However, the numbers which she chose came to her in a dream, and the family said that they were stunned when one of their tickets was the only one to match the jackpot numbers. A EuroMillions winner from England also dreamed of her winning numbers before buying her ticket.Since then, the family have paid off mortgages, student loans and other debts, as well as bought new homes and been on holiday. The Powerball winnings have also enabled them to share with extended family, but most of them have continued working. A couple from England both continued working after winning £1 million on the EuroMillions lottery.Mrs Smith, now 72, still drives her old Subaru and spends most of her time working as a pastor at Calvary Pentecostal Church in Trenton.To be able to support and treat your loved ones, take the first step and play online with us at