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We all have our favourite lottery games and for Debbie Hetrick from Accident in Maryland, USA, it’s Powerball. That might change though, after she won $10,000 in the October 19 Mega Millions draw.

There was no accident in her Mega Millions win and the jokes will end soon as she’s about to move to Grantsville In Maryland. Debbie says she plays Powerball every week but with the recent massive Mega Millions jackpot, she just had to play that lottery too.

Her winning Mega Millions ticket was purchased from Grantsville Liquors, but she wasn’t too confident of getting a big win thinking she was just “making a donation to the winners.” She may not have won the billion dollars Mega Millions jackpot but did match four main balls and the Mega Ball to win $10,000. The numbers drawn in the October 19 Mega Millions draw were 15-23-53-65-70 and the Mega Ball 07.

The lucky Mega Millions winner was asleep when the draw took place, unlike the woman from Ireland who watched on live TV the draw that won her €250,000 in an Irish Lotto Plus 2 draw.

She didn’t check the results until her husband Mike got home from work. Her phone app revealed her win, but Debbie had to keep checking the numbers just like Canadian Peter Dougherty did after he won $1m playing Lotto 6/49.

This player finally told Mike that they’d won some money but not being familiar with Mega Millions, she wasn’t sure how much.  Still needing convincing she took her winning ticket back to Grantsville Liquors and her $10,000 Mega Millions win was finally confirmed. She wanted to keep her ticket safe so put it in her purse.

Then she waited for her husband to have a day off from his job, so they could go to Baltimore to claim their Mega Millions prize. Debbie plans to save most of her winnings just like Canadian Kenneth Yates did with his $1m Lotto 6/49 windfall. However, she does want to carry out some repairs on her new home and go on holiday.

The next Mega Millions draw also had good news for a Maryland player. A retired 78-year-old woman won a $10,000 Mega Millions prize on October 23. That was the draw in which a ticket sold in South Carolina won the $1.6bn Mega Millions jackpot. The next draw is on Tuesday November 6 with a top prize of $70m. Don’t miss this opportunity of becoming a winner and play online at