Middlesbrough Residents Share £10.2m Postcode Lottery Prize

Middlesbrough Residents Share £10.2m Postcode Lottery Prize

Middlesbrough Residents Share £10.2m Postcode Lottery Prize

Seven residents from Middlesbrough in England have each won a £379,418 Postcode Lottery prize.  They were among 572 players who shared a £10.2 million Postcode Millions prize with a minimum win of £12,050.

That was the amount that Mark believed he had won. However, his full postcode was the winner and that saw him win nearly £400,000. The delighted Postcode Lottery winner said that “You only dream of money like this.”

Some Koi carp please

There were mixed emotions when Mark and his wife found out their street had won a Postcode Lottery prize. He started laughing but his wife began to cry.  The ex-Army sergeant can now cut his working hours but first wants to buy some new Koi carp for his garden pond.

Other more predictable spending plans include a holiday to Cyprus but flying business class. Also on the way is a dream holiday to Hawaii.

Emotional reunion

Also winning a £379,418 Postcode Lottery prize is Anne. The lucky player says “I’m floating. I still haven’t come down from the ceiling.” Traveling is also on her mind as her daughter lives in Australia.

Anne hasn’t seen her for over four years due to the COVID pandemic. “It won’t be another four years,” said the emotional winner. Oh and she’ll be going business class for the first time.

No it’s not an April Fool’s Joke

Brian was in shock when told of his £379,418 win and thought it might be an April Fool’s Joke. Well, the presentation ceremony did take place on April 1.

The win has been a boost for Brian and his wife Karen who have been having a tough time. Four family members are battling cancer. “To get something good for a change is just amazing,” said Karen.

Their Postcode Lottery win will be partly used to purchase a motorhome. The couple both have problems with their legs so they’ll travel around Britain and also possibly convert their house. That will be good for Karen who finds it difficult to get up and down their stairs.

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